Does Malachi 3:1 Support Christ’s Godhood and Pre-existence?

 Put simply, this verse is saying that when God's messenger (Heb. 'malak'; LXX  'angel') appears in the Temple, Israel is to know he comes in the full authority of the LORD God Himself (here called "the LORD of hosts").  “The Lord” who is “the messenger of the covenant” is the agent being commissioned by “the LORD of hosts”...  READ MORE

Greg, in Part 4 of your series on Romans 5:1-2 you jumped right from justification to glorification while bypassing salvation/sanctification. You don't seem to fully understand the role of sanctification in the believers life ...

I appreciate your keeping me on my toes.  I am happy to respond to your observation that I "jumped right from justification to glorification while by-passing salvation/sanctification"....  READ MORE


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Does Colossians 2:9 teach that Jesus is "The Fulness of the Godhead in Bodily Form"?

 On the surface Colossians 2:9 appears to be a beautifully strong Trinitarian statement.  That is, of course, if one reads it with Trinitarian "glasses" on.  But a careful reading proves that beauty is only skin deep!  So, let's see if we can't find what the real "substance" is…  


Did Luke make a mistake when he said Quirinius was the governor of Syria when the census affecting Jesus’ birth took place?

There is no denying your question has proved difficult for Christian apologists.  And I am not going to pretend that my explanation will satisfy every fine requirement...  READ MORE